Saturday, July 28, 2012

We're Back

Originally we were going to drive home from Utah in 2 parts and get home tomorrow, but we were just so over it. We decided to push through and drive all the way home today.

We stopped at In N Out in Vegas for dinner. It was the hottest any place has ever been ever......and if it wasn't it was still REALLY hot.
The kids busied themselves with stickers.
Zoey stuck stickers to herself and to the table :)

After dinner we drove through the Mojave. It was hot!
We drove through the high hot!
We finally came down into the valley and when we pulled off onto our exit I rolled down my window and it!

At home we put the kids into pajamas and in front of a movie while Ty and I unloaded the car. Then I checked the freezer for ice cream. Success!

So glad to be home.

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Sheffeazy said...

"we were just so over it" This made me laugh so hard.