Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, Balloons, and randomness....

1. Lunch is my least favorite meal of the day. I really just want to eat some strawberries and move on with it. I love making dinner, but I lack creativity mid-day.

2. After informing Mia that her friend was coming over to play she ran to her room and began to clean and put toys away. She was scrambling to get things put in place and I asked if she was putting things away so that her friend wouldn't play with her toys. She said no, she just wanted her friend to come to a nice clean room. I'm so proud :)

3. We are having the grossest weather. Humidity is never fun.

4. I want today to be super entertaining for everyone without putting forth much effort.....
Balloons are super entertaining :)

5. Happy Friday!

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