Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Grotto

 Ty's sister Natalie and her family joined us for a little hike up in Payson Canyon.
We hiked to the world's tiniest waterfall!
It was a perfect hike for the kids. They loved it!
 Max and Cai were getting close to the falls.
(Cai broke his arm yesterday and he still hiked and played. Such a trouper!)
 Mia and Kooper. The cutest little cousins.
 It was much cooler near the water. The day was really hot so we all enjoyed the break.
It was a beautiful retreat!
After our hike the men took the boys fishing and talked about guns. The girls came home and made some really good bread and talked about really great bras :)

Happy Pioneer Day!


Jessica Newman said...

How fun! I love going up there :)

Sheffeazy said...

The fact that this post was titled "The Grotto" is, in fact, the best thing ever.