Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Utah Trip (so far!)

 We started our drive on Friday morning. Our first stop was Las Vegas.
We headed to the South Point hotel. Inside the South Point there is a Steak and Shake restaurant. We loved Steak and Shake when we lived in Tennessee.
I don't say this very often, but the burgers at Steak and Shake rival the burgers at In and Out!
Zackary was pretty excited about the whole thing.
All of the kids got these little paper cars to put together.
Anything car related thrills Zack to pieces.
 I wanted all of the little people to put on the little steak and shake hats, but only Zack would participate :(
 He was also the only child who wanted to eat :(
 In any case....Ty and I really enjoyed our lunch!

Soon we were back on the road.
We stopped in St. George to visit Ty's grandparents. Ty did a little roofing and we all got to enjoy some home made rolls. We stayed the night and on Saturday morning we got back on the road.
We stopped in Beaver to visit the Cache Valley cheese factory. It is our favorite little pit-stop! We sampled different kinds of cheeses. I liked the muenster, Max and Mia liked the smoked gouda, and Zack and Ty preferred the sharp cheddar.
After our cheese break we drove straight through to Payson. The kids were glad to be done with the drive. Ty ended up going to see the new Batman movie with his dad and some of his brothers so the kids and I stayed home with Ty's mom and I tried to get everyone to go to bed. This was harder than usual because it stays light out until almost 10:00 here! I was so tired. Everyone finally went to bed and we all woke up Sunday feeling better.
Jamison drove down from Provo to go to church with us. It happened to be Ty's cousin, Will's, mission farewell so we got to see all sorts of family!
After church I made some granola and the kids played on the swingset outside.
Monday was our Provo day. I wanted to go to BYU first. I'm starting my little cougars young :)
We went to the Bookstore so that we could buy shirts. Ty told me he was sure I could buy them online, but I told him it was more fun to buy them on campus at BYU. Sometimes I forget that he was never a cougar! Oh well...we love him anyway!
After leaving the Wilke we went to another part of Provo to do a little shopping. Every time we come to Provo things have changed. There are new things and better things! There was a new splash pad at the Riverwoods and we just happened to have all of the kids swimsuits in the back of the car so we were able to do a quick change and let everyone play. Sadly we did not hava any towels, but it was a hot day so we just had the kids stand in the sun for a few minutes to warm up.
I checked into William-Sonoma. I bought things :)
We took the kids to Blickenstaff's (a really awesome toy store!) Everyone played and picked out a few little things. Next we visited The Chocolate in Orem. We shared a slice of "the cherub" chocolate cake and an italian soda.
After cake we went to visit some old friends, one of Ty's mission companions and his wife. I love a quick catch up!
Next we went to lunch at Slab Pizza in Provo. It was amazing! I had the pulled pork pizza and Ty had the buffalo wing pizza. I shared mine with the kids. There was plenty!
We were having FHE with Ty's brother and sister in law so we drove back to Payson and I whipped up a batch of the Knock You Naked Brownies for our treat. The kids had a great evening playing with there cousins. Everyone was exhausted and went to bed without a fight!
Today is Tuesday and Pioneer Day! We are headed up the canyon for lunch and a hike.

Happy Pioneer Day!
(maybe I will take some pictures soon!)

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