Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Things

 I really want to buy these happy little house shoes.
They are Roxy brand Hot Cocoa slippers and I love them :)
We made these Mexican Chocolate Cookies this morning.
We left out the spices that really made the cookies, "mexican", and had regular chocolate cookies instead. They turned out super awesome.

I slept in today.
It was super fun until everyone else woke up and ruined it.

The kids created a play-doh bakery.
They made pizza. Max made pizza without crust and Mia made pizza with crust, because her people like it that way :)
Zack made a cow.

Zoey is sad today and I can't figure out why. She is getting lots of extra cuddles and snuggles.

Max has decided he is going to learn to skateboard. He is doing pretty well so far!

Happy Tuesday!

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