Monday, July 30, 2012


1. On Sunday we went to church with my parents. They are moving and will no longer be in the ward that I grew up in and I wanted to visit with them one last time!

2. After church we had a last hurrah dinner at their house before they move and it is no longer their house.

3. Sunday evening we picked strawberries and tomatoes from our little garden.

4. Zackary ate the strawberries while I cooked the tomatoes with chicken sausage to serve over polenta with sauteed onions and corn. (Such a yummy dinner!)

5. I woke up this morning to the sound of Ty's alarm. I was so confused. Why was he getting up? Oh yes, vacation is over.....time to get up.

6. I have been running ever since that alarm went off and only 10 minute was spent on the treadmill! There is so much to do around here; unpacking, laundry, meals, bathrooms, etc....

7. Ty is working long days all week including Saturday so vacation really is over.

8. It's all good though. Tivo recorded a few episodes of The Pioneer Woman while we were away, so I plan on watching those when I have a minute. The kids are glad to be back to there own rooms and toys. We have chocolate. We will survive!

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