Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Littles

The littles are having a wonderful summer!
 Zoey is 8 months old.
She has been rolling for a while now and has just started to crawl. She loves to be in her walker downstairs on the tile. She is my little athlete. She just loves to move.
 Zackary is the master of disaster. He can knock over a block tower and destroy a sand castle in no time :)
Zack still loves Lightning Mcqueen and all things "Cars".
 Max has spent this summer in the pool.
Swimming at my parent's house or at the Beaumont pool with his friend, Ian.
He also enjoys our weekly visit to the donut shop :)
Mia loves projects. She especially enjoys painting and writing. She is very social and loves people. She is super friendly and can't wait for kindergarten.

I love these little people!
So glad they are mine :)

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