Monday, July 9, 2012


On the Fourth, my parents took Mia and Zack to a park in Redlands. It is the very same park that my parents took me and my brothers to when we were small. Mia and Zack got to play games and eat snow cones and were very spoiled!

We have loved living so close to my parents. We have enjoyed using the pool in their backyard and we have loved visiting them in my hometown. They have just recently sold their house and will be moving to a tiny house in a tiny mountain community. They will still be relatively nearby and I am excited for their new adventure. I am going to miss the pool and visiting Redlands so often, but I am looking forward to hiking near the new house and spending Christmas in the mountains.

Good luck Mom and Dad!
We love you!

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Sheffeazy said...

Way to stay optimistic. It is sad that they are leaving Redlands behind, but maybe this new house will be everything that they have ever wanted. Change is good right?