Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This and That

1. We made our flag pizza last night for dinner and shared a brief lesson about Independence Day with the kids.

2. Today Max was running around with a sparkler he had made out of pipe cleaners and yelling, "The power of the fourth of July!" Whatever that means :)

3. My mom took Max and Mia to see an early morning showing of "Brave". While they were gone Zac and Zoey took a nap at the same time. I watched an episode of Pioneer Woman and ate chocolate. It was the greatest nap ever!

4. Ty is working a LONG shift today and will not be back until late tonight, BUT he will be off all day tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to it!

5. I bought some greek yogurt, because I want to like it. I feel like I should eat it. I have heard all sorts of good things about it, but it kind of makes me want to gag.

6. Zoey is sick with a cold. She has been very sad and I thought she might have an ear infection so I took her in to be checked. All is well so I am hoping in a few days my happy girl will be back!

7. While we were vacationing in Monterey we visited a children's museum. They had a craft area that was full of all sorts of things the kids could get creative with; strips of cloth, buttons, stickers, paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners, etc.
Today I set up a little craft station with that one in mind. I had just cleaned out the fridge and pantry and we had strawberry baskets, boxes, popsicle sticks, and the usual crayons....The kids loved it. A great use of what usually ends up in the trash!

Happy Tuesday!

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