Tuesday, May 8, 2012


1. Mother's Day is this weekend!
I am excited to help my kids make cards for me :)

2. My brother is coming for a visit on Thursday and he requested that I make jambalaya for dinner. I am not known for my Cajun cooking skills but I am up for the challenge.

3. I have a whole stack of brownie recipes that need to be tried and tested. 

4. I snuck in a 30 minute nap this morning while Max and Mia were at school. Zoey fell asleep and I quickly turned on Diego for Zack. It was glorious.

5. I tried to plant Max's baby sunflowers that he brought home from school. I think I may have killed them. 

6. I can't believe Zoey is 6 months old. Certainly this has been the fastest 6 months ever!

7. Today is one of those days where Ty goes to work before everyone wakes up and gets home after everyone is in bed. I always ask Heavenly Father for extra help on these days and I know I am blessed with that help when I ask. 

It's Tuesday. Still plenty of time to make this the best week ever.

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