Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coming Up

The final year.

Next month, in June, I will be turning 29.
A lot of my friends have already reached this milestone and have expressed a desire to accomplish certain things while enjoying the last year of their 20's.
I have been thinking about what I would like to do. I don't have a 20's bucket list full of exciting things that I would like to do before turning 30, but I have set some goals for myself.
I want to focus on the spiritual aspects of my life. I want to be less worldly. I want to bring the spirit into my home. I am going to think before I speak. I am going to be kinder to my husband and children. I am going to listen to uplifting music. I will seek for peace. 
There is so much good in this world. We have so much knowledge and such wonderful opportunity to grow and better ourselves. I want to seek after these good things and be better.

Until next month I am going to enjoy the rest of 28 and hopefully 29 will be awesome.
(29 forever right? It must be a good year if so many people are willing to stick with it!)

 What would you suggest for the final year of my 20's?

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mpatterson said...

Hi Jessica! It's Melina:) I think your goals are fantastic & it wouldn't hurt any of to have them too! Your kids are adorable!