Thursday, May 31, 2012

1 more day

Our little countdown is almost finished!
Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year (Well...Mia's last day was today, but we are all celebrating tomorrow!).
The kids are so excited and I am thrilled for the lazy days ahead. It has been a wonderful year. Last year, when Max was in kindergarten, we moved across the country and Max was in 3 different schools. It was so nice to have him in one classroom with one teacher for the whole year. He made some wonderful friends and did great.
Mia had a fantastic school year as well. She is so excited to be going to kindergarten in the fall. She is most looking forward to meeting new people. She is my little extrovert!

Happy Almost Summer!
(1 more day!)

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{Erica} said...

YES!! we need to celebrate! When can we hang out before your trip?