Sunday, May 6, 2012

The weekend

1. Ty and I tried to go on a date yesterday. We left the kids with our friends and waited in line to see the Avengers. Once the line started moving we realized this particular theater only took cash. We got out of line and quickly realized we had missed our opportunity to see the movie. We decided to drive to another theater and try to catch the next showing there. We arrived just in time to miss that show as well. We decided to stay and see a different movie. We had brought Zoey with us because she is still a special little friend that has to be with her mommy. I was up and down with her through most of the film. After the movie we drove to pick up the kids. I think we spent less time together trying to go on a date than we would have if we had just stayed home. We tried! A for effort :)

2. Today Ty is at work. The kids and I are going to do the Sunday thing on our own. I have had a cold and my voice is pretty much gone, so singing time should be interesting today! 

3. I have a loaf of our favorite bread rising for dinner tonight so even if church doesn't go well the dinner should be good.

4. Zoey is happily drinking water from a bottle now. The weather has gotten quite warm and she is a thirsty little person. 

5. Tomorrow is career day at Max's school. Ty will be representing CRNA's everywhere :) Ty is one of the final speakers of the day and he is planning to take Max to see the Avengers after school. I hope they have better luck on their date than the two of us did.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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