Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Stuff

1. It's Friday :)

2. I had good intentions of running errands this morning, but it's cold and gray. I had to come home from dropping Max off and turn on the fireplaces instead.

3. Zackary is finally getting over his stomach bug. I am so happy to see him feeling better!

4. Last night we bought "If You Give a Dog a Donut" from Max's school book fair. It was an instant hit.

5. Max is giving an oral presentation today on a book that he read this week. Part of the project was to fill a paper bag with items that would help him tell about the book. We had lots of fun with this. His bag contains: one small stone jaguar, one mango, a picture of Ty in the Peruvian jungle, a small leather money pouch from Peru, and a monkey. The book he read was "Afternoon on the Amazon". I can't wait to hear about it this afternoon!

6. Ty is working a LONG day today. Good luck Ty.....Good luck me :)

Happy Friday!

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