Sunday, May 20, 2012

Banana Mini-Chip Muffins

 We eat a lot of bananas. 
The baby usually eats a banana with her oatmeal in the morning. I almost always add a frozen banana or two to the kids breakfast smoothies. Max and Mia like to eat theirs covered with peanut butter or nutella and Zackary is basically a monkey and prefers bananas over most other types of food. I buy 3 bunches of bananas at a time and we almost never have leftover bananas for muffins and we really like banana muffins!
This morning we lucked out. There were 3 perfectly browned bananas waiting to be made into something delicious.
I used THIS recipe for banana peanut butter breakfast muffins. ( I left out the sprinkling of flax seeds and added mini chocolate chips.)
Max was shoving these muffins into his mouth whole. I am hoping we can make these last a few days and I can serve them for breakfast this week.

(Zackary helped me by filling the muffin tins with the mini liners. He did a great job!)

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