Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Festivities

I have been drooling over a few things from Williams Sonoma for a while now. I thought they would make perfect Mother's Day gifts. With today being the last shopping day before Mother's Day I thought that perhaps Ty had already bought something. I asked him if he had and he confessed that he had not yet been able to....I told him that was perfect! I asked him to take us out to Victoria Gardens for a little Mother's Day shopping spree.
(I think Ty was pretty relieved!)
We walked into Williams-Sonoma and they had just begun one of their kid workshops. The kids were invited to decorate cupcakes for their moms.
They got to pick between chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a variety of frosting colors.
Mia chose a chocolate cupcake and pink frosting.
 Max chose a chocolate cupcake with yellow frosting.
 When they were finished decorating the staff packaged their cupcakes into adorable gift boxes. Mia loved her pretty pink one.
Zackary refused to participate in the cupcake decorating because he had found something with Cars on it and he would not be moved.
I picked out some tart pans and kitchen goodies for myself.
After shopping we made a stop at the splash pad and the playground. I love my family and I so enjoyed our outing together!
(note: Max and Mia did not give me the cupcakes. They ate them! Oh well. I love them anyway.)

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Bingham Family said...

Ha! of course they ate them... so funny. Hope you had a wonderful mothers day!