Thursday, May 3, 2012

This and That

 You can see from this picture that little miss Zoey is starting to get some hair!
I was running a comb through the little bit of fluff on her head last night. Soon she will look just like Rapunzel :)
 We are back in sweaters.
I really thought we were done with cold and I had put all of the winter clothes away.
I am more than ready to move onto sunshine. I am marinating chicken to grill tonight. Maybe a BBQ will make it feel a bit more sunny.
Zackary loves playing in Mia's kitchen. Mia really hates it when he does. I have tried to explain to Mia that having a friend to play with her will make kitchen time more fun, but she disagrees and sends Zac away.
Poor Zack. He can help me in the real kitchen, which sadly does not hold his interest like the toy one.

We are enjoying some after lunch play before we go to pick Max up at 2.  Ty will be home for dinner tonight. I love it when there is a real reason to cook. Last night the kids and I ate a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread for dinner, because Ty was working. 
The kids seem extra hungry lately. Is it possible that they are all in the middle of a growth spurt at one time?
I spent a lot of money at Crate and Barrel today, but I am very excited about the new dinnerware I ordered.
It's almost Friday, hooray!

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