Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and more....

1. I made the best quiche for Mother's Day! I was so happy to have leftovers today.

2. I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my family. It was busy but happy. My favorite part was on Saturday night. I was in the kitchen making the quiche for Sunday. Ty and all of the kids were with me. We had some good music playing and we were all tasting and having a very happy time.

3. Home made ice cream is far superior to store bought. We are still loving our little cuisinart!

4. The primary did a fabulous job singing the Mother's Day songs in sacrament meeting yesterday. I always have to try hard not to cry. I am just so proud of them! 

5. Our school district recently received some extra grant money and the schools are offering free breakfast for all of the students. Max has been really enjoying eating breakfast at school with all of his friends. It has allowed him to sleep in until 7:10 as well. He is up and dressed with teeth brushed and then out the door at 7:20. 

6. Mornings around here are always hectic!

Happy Monday!

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