Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zac and the cookies

 Zackary woke up from his nap yesterday feeling not so grand.
It was a beautiful afternoon so I took him out to the little picnic table in the yard and sat him down with some milk and cookies.
It didn't take too much convincing. He felt much better!
We spent the rest of the afternoon outside and even cooked dinner on the grill. Hurray for sunshine and cookies!


Bingham Family said...

Cookies make everything better! Combine that with sunshine and the whole world looks brighter... no pun intended. :)

Jessica Newman said...

Oh what a cutie! you are such a great mom! I'm so happy you have sunshine -can you send a little our way??!

6L's said...

i would feel better if i had those cookies too! they look PERFECT!