Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I know I shouldn't......

But I am going to.......COMPLAIN!

Our house is taking forever to close! It was a short sale and I feel like we have been in escrow for a very long time. I was hoping we would be able to move in this weekend or at the very latest next weekend, but we won't be closing until the 15th! I don't really understand what all of the hullabaloo is about. We want to buy the house. Our offer was approved. We have the money. The house is vacant. For goodness sake! 
I keep pushing back Max's start date at his new school, but I would love for him to just go ahead and start so that he could start making some friends. I don't really want to drive from Redlands to Beaumont every day to take him to school, so it doesn't really make sense to start him before we move. 

Living with my parents has been a blessing and a burden. We couldn't have made it on our own at first. We really needed the help. I am grateful for my parents willingness to help us. BUT....I think I have had enough of the help for now. I am getting so tired of cleaning my mother's house. I so just want to clean my own house. I want to make friends and influence people :)

Blah Blah Blah

2 more weeks.


6L's said...

ahhh, i hate to say it, but this is music to my ears. not that you are going through the annoyance, but that you actually DO complain someimes. :) it's okay to vent a little. we all understand! i hope your house moves along faster than expected!

Bingham Family said...

Oh Jessica I am so sorry! Living in limbo is the worst. You'll get through it and it will be great! Keep smiling kiddo. And eat some chocolate... that always helps. Hee hee.