Monday, March 28, 2011


 Our new neighborhood is great! There are several little parks and playgrounds within walking distance of the house.
This morning we picked up some doughnuts and headed off for some play to celebrate the first day of spring break. Sadly the day didn't feel so spring like. The wind was blowing and we were all freezing!
 We gave it our best effort despite the chilly temperatures.
 Zack is a climber. He is willing to use steps but usually he heads directly up the slides. Maybe he will be a rock climber like his Daddy!
Max is a great helper on the playground. He tries hard to obey while "other" little people are running away into the fields while I yell at them to come back.
Max and Mia were excited to try out the teeter totter. I think it must have been made for some heavier folks because they could hardly get it to move past this point!
After some time our hands and faces were freezing so we headed home. We are coloring pictures and playing inside. I am sure we will do a little baking later on! Happy Monday! Hoping for some warmer weather soon.

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