Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All moved in!

We got the keys on Friday night and quickly rented a truck and packed up what was left of our things. My brother came over that night and he and Ty loaded the truck so it would be ready in the morning. On Saturday we got right to work and were out the door by about 9. At the new house we had some helpers from our new ward who had come to help carry boxes and furniture into the house. I carried boxes up the stairs for what seemed like hours! By the end of the day my calves were killing me! It seemed like the job would never get done but somehow we did it. It was so wonderful to put all of the kids to bed in their own beds in their own rooms. On Sunday we were back at the new ward. The kids love the primary and everyone seems so nice. We got invited to a big get together that evening and we had a wonderful time getting to know everyone. On Monday I cleaned all 5 bathrooms. They were clean when we moved in, but I was curious to see how long it would take me to make my way through all of them. It was a big job and by the end of it my hands were all cracked and dry, maybe gloves next time! Today we bought a new dryer. Not that there was anything wrong with the old one, but this house only has hook-ups for a gas dryer and ours was electric! I am super excited to be doing laundry once again. I think we are all settled now. It feels great to be home. We love the new house and we love the neighborhood. We feel like we have been so blessed. I hope that we can be a benefit to our new ward and neighbors. 
There is still much to be done but we are here!


Dana said...

congrats!! So exciting!!

Jessica Newman said...

OH YAY!! I'm so happy/excited for you all!