Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ad Hoc

One of my friends bought me this cookbook before we left Tennessee. It was on my Christmas wish list and she surprised me with an early gift.
I had to pack it away very quickly and didn't have a chance to read through it until now!
It is full of cooking wisdom and philosophy. Thomas Keller believes that great cooking can be accomplished at home by the home cook. He says, "The more pleasure you take from cooking, the more fun you have in the kitchen, the better your food will be!"
I agree. I think it is important to have fun in the kitchen.
He also emphasizes the importance of being organized in the kitchen. He says, "Good organization is all about setting yourself up to succeed. It means getting rid of anything that would interfere with the process of making a recipe or preparing an entire meal."
According to this logic, before cooking I need to get rid of my children, husband, telephone, and laundry.
I do end up dealing with a lot of distraction while cooking, but things seem to turn out all right!
Anyway. . . I am loving this cookbook and I am looking forward to some fun in the kitchen!

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The Blaisdell's said...

I'm so glad that you like it! And know you have a kitchen that is well deserving of such a fab cook and cookbook!