Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The walk thru

We got to go have a look at the house this morning. We came armed with the camera and a measuring tape. The measuring tape survived the visit, but sadly my camera did not. Zackary was carrying it when he fell down the stairs. Zac recovered. The camera died.....but I got a lot of pictures before the bitter end of the camera. I just didn't get any of the outside of the house. Oh well! This is the first room you walk into upon entering the house. It will be our formal sitting room. (you know the room you bring the visiting/home teachers into that stays relatively clean most of the time!)
More of that same sitting room. The tile is travertine and it continues through most of the first floor.
The sitting room is open to the dining room.
Ty is going to build us a great table to go in here. I am hoping by Thanksgiving this year we will have it and be ready to put on a great holiday feast!
The dining room leads into the kitchen/family room area.
The stovetop has 5 burners. Not professional grade, but I think I can make it work!
We bought the fridge and the barbeque from the sellers so we will be ready to go after the move this weekend.
This pantry makes me very happy!
The kitchen is open to a family room that has a little gas fireplace. I am getting a big sheepskin rug to sit right in front of it. It will be a great place to get cozy on winter evenings.
The half bath downstairs.
The kitchen has sliding doors that open to the backyard.
Mountain views!
The bbq
Downstairs will also be home to my exercise room and the guest room with one more full bath. Now onto the upstairs.
The laundry room is upstairs and there is a sink!
I am ridiculously giddy about this room. It shall be mine!
There are 2 loft/open areas that flow from one to the other. Here Zackary is leaving the smaller and walking into the greater of the two rooms. Ty wants to raise the half wall to the ceiling and use the bigger room as a theater room.
The kids will each have there own bedroom upstairs and they will have 2 full baths to share between the 3 of them.
One with one sink the other with two. I don't know how we will decide who uses which one.
Mia was very pleased to find toilets and showers in the house. I don't know what she was expecting.
These double doors open into the master bedroom.
There is a fireplace and a bay window. Happy!
They left the vinyl "Always kiss me goodnight" on the wall.
A piece of the closet. Another happy room.
There is a big soak tub in the master bathroom. It is between the 2 vanities. I love that we will each have our own sink area, but the best part of this bathroom is the toilet room! Separate from the rest!
I think this side will be mine because it has the little place for a bench and I can see myself doing hair on makeup there. (I can see Mia doing it too!)
Ty's side.
Little Zac is anticipating bathing in the big tub! Can't wait for Saturday! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak!


Jessica Newman said...

That's so great it looks beautiful! -I think Mia should get the one sink bathroom to herself let's face it she's a woman she'll fill it up and need her space :) -but there's no reason she should have 2 sinks lol

Alayna said...

Jessica! It's going to be amazing! So happy for you! I imagine it'll be really nice to finally get settled...and lets face it, you have plenty of baking wiggle room, so who could complain! ;)

Sandra Adams said...

It's beautiful Jess!
If you need a new camera, Olympus makes great water and shock proof cameras - get them wet or drop them 6 ft without a problem! (They are also freeze proof, but I don't utilize that feature, as I don't believe in going anywhere that has freezing temps) :) They are the 'though' series
Good luck in the move!

The Karrens said...

It looks great! There is so much space. Can't wait to see finished pictures. Hope the move goes well.

Robert and Lisa said...

It looks so great! After years of apt living you finally get to move into your castle! I'm so excited for you guys!