Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I took Zac and Mia in the stroller so that we could walk to pick Max up from school today.
The day has been gorgeous! 80 degrees and blue skies. I was feeling glad to be out but kind of huffing and puffing behind the stroller. As we neared the school I was passed by a male jogger. He was wearing only his shoes and a pair of shorts. He was tan all over and very toned. He looked kind of like a machine as he ran. It seriously appeared to take no effort as he flew along. I enjoy exercise. I love the gym, but I never look like a machine as I struggle along on the treadmill. I am never tan all over when I cover my curvy white legs with stretchy pants and I ALWAYS wear a shirt. I am far from toned. I embrace my curves. Still....I couldn't help but feel a little extra squishy as the soldier glided by on his cloud of perfection.
Later at the of the dads came up and apologized for not saying hi when he jogged by me earlier. He said he now had his shirt on so I probably wouldn't recognize him. (He wasn't the jogger. He was just being funny and it was hilarious!)
Here's to feeling fit in our not so perfect selves.

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