Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

No new camera yet so just words for you today!
Last night I cut out a bunch of little green footprints (aka: leprechaun footprints). I made a path all over the yard leading to a green bucket (aka: pot of gold). I filled the bucket with fun surprises; socks, pinwheels, and gold coins. 
The kids are waking up to a Leprechaun hunt that leads to a treasure!
The green shirts are ready to go and I have plans for a green dinner this evening.
Happy St. Patty's! Go Green!


Bingham Family said...

So sad about your camera! Fun St. Patty's day. You are such a good mommy! I LOVE your house!!!! How exciting! I am really trying not to be envious of a few things: Huge tub, huge closets, lot of bathrooms (except the cleaning part) and the fireplace in your master suite. How cow, are you beyond excited? I would be. Hope you all have a wonder green dinner tonight. I'm still working on ideas. Green food coloring in some foods kind of makes me gag. hee hee

Jessica Newman said...

SO CUTE! I will have to try that out next year I bet they absolutely loved it!