Monday, January 4, 2010

Ty's day off

Ty was on call all weekend so he had today off! Mondays off are especially great because the rest of the world goes to work and we get to play! We are still cold here in Tennessee so we stared our morning at Panera!
In front of one of these..which was not exactly roaring, but cozy enough! Ty and I could have sat in those chairs in front of the fire all day, but the kids were ready to run a marathon so we left:(
We went to Green Hills and to Trader Joe's. I stocked up on nuts and dried fruit. Over the holidays we discovered that everyone in the family loves pistachios. After Trader Joe's we stopped by the mall. We always visit the Davis-Kidd bookstore and Godiva chocolatier. Max found this sword and shield at Pottery Barn and Ty found everything he ever wanted at the Apple store!
By the time we left the mall we were all ready for some lunch. We ate at Baja Fresh and enjoyed our favorite fish tacos!
Now we are home and cranking up the heat! The rest of the day involves a playdate for Max, making banana bread, FHE, and some movies later on!
Happy Monday!