Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tweet Worthy?

I don't really understand the whole twitter "tweet" thing that has become so popular. I hear all of the celebs are tweeting and everyone is super interested to hear who ate what when, and who is getting dressed right now.
It makes me wonder....what in my life was "tweet" worthy today?

Perhaps people everywhere would be delighted to know that today I:
Woke Up
Jogged 2.5 miles
started dinner in the crock pot
Took Max to school
drank hot chocolate
kissed my baby boy
read stories to Mia
Talked on the phone
ate an apple
Picked Max up from school
Read a magazine
made blondies (again)
ate blondies
pretended to be on a monkey hunt

I don't know if the world is ready for me yet :)


5L's said...

i don't get it either...seems silly to me. in't blogging enough? :)

Braden said...

The Monkey hunt is definitely tweet worthy!