Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Rain Took Us.... the Library! We were in great need of new reading material and some new movies for Max. Max selected, "The New Adventures of Superman". It really isn't new anymore, but perfect for a 4 year old who loves superheroes!
I got some fun stuff too! I found this new brunch cookbook by Gale Gand. It has a recipe for some chocolate waffles that I think will be perfect with strawberries and whipped cream!
I am hoping this one will be a fun read. It is a novel written by a serious foodie, caterer, entertainer type person and it includes messes, successes, and some recipes. After the library we had a cozy lunch at Panera. The kids shared some mac and cheese and I had my most favorite tomato soup. Tomato soup has always been my favorite since I was little. I think it always will be :)

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