Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ty!

Ty is 29 today! It has been a busy Sunday. Ty had early morning meetings before church and more meetings after, but when he finally made it home for the day we had a great lunch ready for him. I made a roast chicken and potatoes au gratin. A little clean up and it was time for the main event - CAKE!
We had some friends over to celebrate with us. We sang Happy Birthday and served up the peanut butter cup cake. It was a cake that needed to be served with generous amounts of milk. It was awesome!
Ty got a toolbox, socks, and snickers bars for his birthday present this year. Kind of random, but all needed :)
Here he is, the 29 year old love of my life.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday TY!!!
Looks like a wonderful day.

Jessica Newman said...

Happy Birthday Ty! We sure miss all of you!