Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo Finish!

It is January 31st! Another month almost gone. We are ending January with another snow day. Church was cancelled because of the snow so we are enjoying playing hooky. It is a beautiful sunshine filled day. Max and Mia are loving crunching around in the snow.
Max was feeling brave and ventured out to sled all by himself. I quickly sent Ty out after him. Mia soon joined them as well.
Our apartment is warm and we are happy to be together for one more day before Ty heads back to work for the week. This afternoon we will be making some muddy buddies and I am hoping to read the new Ensign. Magazines are my idea of fun on a snowy day!
January has been a wonderful month! I will leave you with a thought from Nigella Lawson:
"No matter what the question; Trifle is always the answer!"


Sheffeazy said...

I am dying for some muddy buddies!
Send some my way please!!

Jessica said...

No church??!! That makes me laugh!
Glad you all got a day together!