Monday, October 22, 2012

Today, This Week, and Beyond

1. I  "accidentally" doubled the chocolate chips in my peanut butter cup granola this morning. The result was chocolatey goodness :)

2. Ty is home this week. There are NO home projects lined up and No fun errands to run. Read into that what you will.

3. We are in full blown Halloween mode here! The costumes are ready....Max will be the white ninja from Ninjago, Mia will be Snow White, and Zackary will be Buzz Lightyear!

4. I am already looking forward to making the Halloween candy stuffed cookies after the big day.

5. I have all the kid's Christmas presents figured out. I am buying everything online and I can't wait to be done. (This may seem early to be thinking about Christmas, but it really takes the stress out of Christmas. I get to focus on parties and people instead of presents!)

Happy Monday!

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