Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 When Max was in 1st grade his teacher hosted a pumpkin play day.
The kids did all things pumpkin. There were crafts and lots of food.
Max loved all of it. He discovered a great love for all things pumpkin that day. This morning on the way to school he asked if we could have our own pumpkin play day.
Here is what I have come up with for a little pumpkin fun later today:

(no eggs and/or cooking in this recipe so we can throw it together after school!)

(we need new play-doh anyway, so might as well dye it orange and spice it up!)

We have yet to visit the pumpkin patch for actual pumpkins, but this should hold us over for a bit longer until we can make it there!


Jessica Newman said...

I LOVE pumpkin ice cream -like REAL, true, love!
SO I get all excited, click for the recipe only to realize:
1: '1 cup organic sucanat' -what is THAT!?
2: '...Turn on your ice cream maker...' -yeah I dont have one I want one REAL bad especially now!

Jessica Newman said...

I just used sugar. Sucanat is just a sugar substitute and you can use whatever sweetener you like! Sorry about the no ice cream make thing though!

Sheffeazy said...

Will you make me different ice creams every night of my visit over Christmas? Please and thank you!

Jessica Newman said...

Jamison, are you coming for Christmas? We will be so excited! and we will make you ice cream :)