Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday, Cookies, and Stuff

 This has been a very busy week. I have cut back on some of my regular indulgences, like exercise. I have swapped out an evening jog for mopping, and some time on the elliptical for cake decorating.
Mia's party is this afternoon and I am looking forward to it, but I am also looking forward to tomorrow and cuddling with my little people while watching conference and not doing much of anything else!!!

As I said, there was a little cake decorating going on. I covered Mia's cake in a layer of ganache and I had some left over so I stuck it in the fridge and tonight when Ty comes home (and after we put the kids to bed)
We can make these:

It will be a fabulous end to this crazy week!
In other news:
Max put one of the child-proof knob covers on his door so that he can shut the door upon leaving the house and not worry about Zac getting in and playing with his toys. Poor Zac :( 

The tile floors have been cleaned. I did it last night after everyone, including Ty, was in bed.
It was actually a fabulous time to clean. If I didn't need sleep I could work wonders!

Mia got a Lalaloopsy make-up set for her birthday and I think a tutorial is in order. She came out of her room this morning with her forehead covered in sparkly eye shadow!

Zoey is just about 11 months old and still not walking. The other kids were walking by 10 months. I think the fact that everyone else in the house can pick her up and carry her around might have something to do with it.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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Jessica Newman said...

Those cookies will be amazing!