Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Ty was home today and I wanted to do the pumpkin patch on a weekday so after school and Sundance Singers we took the kids out for an afternoon of play at the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.
It's a  little more than just a pumpkin patch. They have all kinds of games and rides for the kids. It is ridiculously entertaining for them!
Max started out by shooting tennis ball cannons at some pirates and winning a foam sword.
and then he did a little bouncing :)
We kept trying to get him to do a flip, but he was content just to bounce up and down.
Mia took a turn. Her little ballerina self came out as she danced through the air.
Zackary didn't join in on the big jumpers, but he LOVED the bounce houses and slides!
and his very favorite activity was racing the mini four wheelers.
Such a happy face!
Max and Mia raced as well.
I didn't end up with a good picture of Mia racing, so here are just the boys.
There was a hay castle that was really just a very tall stack of hay.
The kids were still excited to climb to the top.
Zackary was happy to be there.
Mia was happy to be there.
I think Max may have been less than happy.
Did I mention my parents were with us!
They were a great help and SUPER fun :)
This last picture will show you what Zoey enjoyed most about the pumpkin patch.....a root beer italian cream soda....and my dad!
We had a great time. We ended up leaving with only 1 pumpkin because we had only $2 left after everything else, but we can get our pumpkins from Albertsons later!

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Sheffeazy said...

haha! Zackary on a 4-wheeler!!! It must have been his idea of heaven! He looks so happy!!!