Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Halloween

 The day was actually quite grand.
My brother and I took Zack and Zoey out to breakfast at Panera. I had the new pumpkin pie bagel. It was fabulous. A great start to my Halloween!
There was lots of driving and picking up kids from school. Joel carved pumpkins for the kids. I roasted the seeds for the first time ever. I remember eating them as a child and they were terrible, but today they were delicious. I ate them by the handful. 
One of my friends mentioned that she was getting a pumpkin shaped pizza for her Halloween dinner. I thought it was a great idea and I wanted one too. It turned our local pizza shops were not offering pumpkin shaped pizzas so I had to improvise!
I used THIS recipe for super fast and easy pizza dough from my sister-in-law's blog, and made our own pumpkin shaped pizza.
I know.....but it tasted good!
After pizza the costume parade began.
Ninja Max,
 Kangaroo Zoey, (how funny, it looks just like kangaroo joey!)
Buzz Lightyear Zackary....
 and the little princess Snow White Mia.
 They are cute kids. I like them.
 Ty and I went as super cool party people.....
 As you can plainly see :)
Max showed off with a few karate moves.
 Mia was darling.
 We met up with our friends for trick-or-treating. It was really fun!
 I loved watching the kids run excitedly from door to door.
Everyone had a good time!
We came home and ate lots of candy and played some games. We listened to Halloween music and passed out candy until it was time for bed.

It was a great day!
Happy Halloween :)

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Jessica Newman said...

HAHAHA! I had the same experience with pumpkin seeds! -Cole told the kids this year some people eat the seeds.... And then let them try some..... RAW AND SLIMY STRAIGHT FROM THE PUMPKIN! EW! Lol they didn't like it!
I'm glad you all had fun -the kids look SUPER cute!