Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grocery Shopping with "Help"

By "Help" I mean children.
Grocery shopping has become a marathon experience. There is training that goes into each scheduled shopping visit. I "train" by making detailed lists of needed items, planning the trip for a weekday morning to avoid crowds, and strategically wearing out the kids with a walk or visit to the playground beforehand.
Once we are inside the store all of my training goes out the window and we move into survival mode! I may have made a detailed list, but between looking for bargains and keeping track of wandering little people, I end up purchasing about half of what I really needed. We always end up with a few purchases that were not planned. Sometimes I give in to begging. Sometimes Lunchable are on sale for 98 cents and I stock up so that packing Max a lunch for school is a breeze!
Shopping can take much longer than planned. Children can decide to run away from you and be gone like lightning. You may look ridiculous as you chase your 2 year old down the aisles in heels. You try not to yell, but inside you are fuming. You put on a smile and fix your hair. Children can decide they no longer want to move at all and lay down in the middle of the aisle. You may find yourself pushing a cart, carrying a baby, and dragging a two year old. Sometimes they really are a help. Occasionally they point out something that you mentioned you needed at home that you would have forgotten. Occasionally other customers in the store ooh and ahh so much over your children that you can't help but beam and notice yourself how wonderful they are. Occasionally they are so good you can't say no and you buy pringles and let them eat the chips in the car on the way home even though your husband has forbidden them to eat in the car.
By the end of the trip I am usually sweating and exhausted. I always feel very triumphant. Ty may be able to keep people alive and happy during brain surgery, but I can bring home the bacon! :)

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