Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Calling Ever!

I have been a Relief Society teacher for several years now.
I think it is the best calling ever! I learn so much while studying and preparing for each lesson. I feel inspired and strengthened to work harder and be better. I am so thankful for the relief society sisters who offer their comments, feelings, and stories throughout the lesson. I am grateful for the opportunity we have to learn from one another.
I am thankful for the sisters in my ward who have become dear friends. I am thankful that they let me test out all of my recipes on them! I think they are the best!


Joyce said...

Nursery leaders would LOVE to test your recipes too! ;)

Jessica Newman said...

I will get right on that Joyce :)

Bingham Family said...

R.S. is amazing... but I'm in Primary and it is so much fun!!! I laugh every week at the silly things we get to hear and deal with.