Friday, May 21, 2010

Cookie Movement

Recently the popularity of simple desserts, such as chocolate chip cookies, have skyrocketed. If you are at all involved in the food blogging community you may have noticed this trend. New recipes are posted daily. I find it interesting that while more complicated desserts such as cheesecake and creme brulee are considered fashionable and elegant people are trending back to cookies. The same ideas can be seen in high end restaurants where they are serving expensive versions of down home comfort food like macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and tomato soup.
I think that the world can be a frightening place. People are looking for comfort and stability in different places. The unstable economy, an unknown future, and natural disasters can cause fear and doubt.
It is important to find strength. We can find strength in our Heavenly Father's wonderful plan of salvation, and in our Savior, Jesus Christ. The world may be shaky but the Lord's promises to us are sure. We must have faith that "if we are prepared we need not fear." The truth will never again be taken from the earth and while the storm may rage around us we can find peace knowing that if we are obedient and faithful we can receive a wonderful inheritance.
Back to the cookies.....I think the world is looking for peace, comfort, and joy. Some people are not sure where to find it. This is my personal theory on the growing popularity of these simple comforts. I think it is important to share joy with those around us. We can spread joy through sharing the gospel. We can bring hope through scripture references and conference talks. We can share a little love with a plate of cookies :)
Baking is an interesting thing. As I mentioned before new recipes for chocolate chip cookies are posted all the time. It is amazing that so many different versions of one recipe can exist and everyone is convinced that their own version is the very best. I try new recipes often and enjoy improving upon old favorites. I have posted several different versions on this blog.
Yesteraday Max came home from school and wanted to make chocolate chocolate - chip cookies. Someone must have had them at school! Today we made some using Jaques Torres' supposedly secret recipe that I found on the Martha Stewart web site. They were pretty close to perfect, but I am sure we will find another version to try soon.
I hope that we can find joy in the many blessings and tender mercies that we are given daily. These mercies can come in the form of a little extra sleep, the smile on a baby's face, a phone call from a friend, an answer found through scripture study or prayer, a feeling of peace, or a warm chocolate chip cookie!


The Traylor's said...

That's a great picture of you and the little mister. You look beautiful. And as always, you're radiating happiness! Thanks for sharing :)

Rebecca said...

What a good post! Good parallels! And I still do remember your delicious cookies. =)