Monday, December 19, 2011

on the first day of vacation...

We took the kids out to the Victoria Gardens shopping center today. It is one of my very favorite places to shop. I took the girls and Ty took the boys. Mia, Zoey, and I went to William Sonoma and sampled some hot chocolate. We stopped in at "Justice", which is very in if you are a little girl. I bought some new jogging shoes! I strayed from my usual Nikes and bought some Reeboks. We went to Crate and Barrel and found the cutest kid sized mugs. I bought 4 so the kids can have hot chocolate in their own little cups. I finally got myself a food processor. I can't wait to give it a try.
Ty took the boys to the Apple store. They visited the big Christmas tree and then bought caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They were eating the apples at the playground when we found them. They shared the apples. We were all very happy.
Next we all went together to the Bass Pro Shop. The kids love seeing the big fish and we always leave with lots of gummy candies.
I love doing a little shopping just for fun right before Christmas. We all had a great time.
Now we are home sitting in front of the fireplace and getting ready to put together all of our friend and neighbor gifts.
I love Christmas break :)

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6L's said...

one more day for us! reading your post makes me miss our opry mills mall here! they are slowly getting it back together. movie theatre has joined bass pro. enjoy your family time! merry christmas!