Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Blog Love

I love to read food blogs. I love looking at the beautiful food photography and drooling over the amazing recipes that are being posted all of the time! I love the way food bloggers write about their recipes and food in general. I was reading a post this morning over at Une Gamine dans la Cuisine about brownies. The author talked about her great love for brownies and how brownies just "Speak" to her. Brownies speak to me too! They say "Eat me! I am full of chocolate and butter!" 
These people who are so passionate about food seem to be passionate about other areas of their lives as well. They love their families and children, some are passionate about travel or writing, others are decorators or triathlon athletes. I think life should be full of passion. How much better life can be if we are passionate about what we are doing. 
Back to the brownies......Brownies can be simple. You can make a pan and post a picture labeled: Brownies, or you can write a post about the amazing chocolate that was used in the recipe and how the texture of the brownies is fudge like perfection. 
We all could use a little extra zest or zeal in our day. That is what these bloggers give to me. I am thankful for their passion.

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