Wednesday, December 21, 2011

run run as fast as you can......

......We caught ourselves a batch of gingerbread men :)
 The kids have been asking to make gingerbread cookies for about a week now. Today we finally got around to it. It is, after all, Christmas vacation.
 Max and Mia were my helpers in the kitchen.
 I was very impressed with their skills.
 They are so cute :) My little bakers.
 The "baked" men. Hot and fresh from the oven!
At this point I made the frosting and set up the table with candy for decorating.
 We had marshmallows, mini m&m's, chocolate chips, dots, and licorice.
 We got down to business.
 I was again very impressed with the kid's work.
 And with Ty's! He made a gingerbread missionary!
Now we are all full of sugar and spice. We have a container full of gingerbread men and a floor covered in sprinkles. Cookie decorating is complete!

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