Friday, December 30, 2011

Wait a second.....

Were you all aware that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and that 2012 is nearly here?
If you were, good for you.....I just realized :)

2011 has been an awesome year!

Highlights include:

moving into our house
buying new furniture
refinishing some old furniture
buying a new car
selling an old car
having a baby
hosting Thanksgiving dinner
taking the Palm Springs Tram to the peak
playing on the beach
Max mutton busted in the Spanish Fork rodeo
Max started first grade
Mia started Preschool
Zac split his head open
Zac got pneumonia
Zac rode to the hospital in an ambulance
Zac survived the year!
Mia starred in her first Christmas program
Ty turned 30
Ty got paid to work all year long!
we made new friends
we love our new ward
we have great callings
Ty and I celebrated 8 years of marriage

We have been very blessed this year! I really can't believe it is almost over! I am very much looking forward to 2012. I am excited to start the new year with my family in our home. I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2011. Happy New Year!

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