Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tree!

 Ty took Max and Mia to pick out our first real Christmas tree today. They brought home a great big beautiful noble fir. It has made the entire house smell amazing!
 We set it up next to the fireplace downstairs.
 This was Zack during the set up. Just chillin' :)
 Here is our decorated tree. 
It is covered with candy canes and gingerbread men. We love it!
 My little helpers. Max and Mia did a great job hanging ornaments. There was only one ornament fatality.
 Candy canes started disappearing off the tree pretty quickly.
 No one remained innocent for long. Zackary even managed to grab a fake candy cane off the tree and tried to eat it. We were all in the mood for hot chocolate after our tree and candy cane party.
Little Zoey was there too! She was too sleepy to participate so she just stayed cozy in her blankets and looked cute.
We are loving welcoming the Christmas season in our new house with our new addition!

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