Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

 Christmas morning began bright and early at our house. I didn't really mind. I was up and ready for the fun to start.
Mia was up first. She was so excited to come downstairs and discover what had happened during the night. She got to open her stocking gifts while we waited for the boys.
 When the boys were ready it was time to open the packages!
Zackary's favorite present was this Cars set with Lightning Mcqueen and Mac.
 Max got the Lego Batman game. He has been playing Lego Star Wars for months now so we thought he would love this!
 Mia got a playset for all of her Littlest Pet Shop animals.
Everyone was very happy with their Christmas. The big hit of the day was the surprise outside. Santa left a note for the kids telling them that he has left something for them in the backyard.
 A Trampoline!
 They were all out and bouncing by 7:00 this morning.
 Such a happy way to start our Christmas day!
After all of the bouncing and the presents I made hot chocolate. The kids played, I cleaned, and then we all went to church for a fabulous musical Christmas meeting. After church we had a big dinner with friends and family. We are all worn out and feeling so very blessed for such a wonderful day. 

I rejoice in my Savior, Jesus Christ who has made all of the blessings in my life possible. What a wonderful day to celebrate the wondrous possibilities we have been given because our Savior came and because He lives!

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Bingham Family said...

Wow what a fun Christmas. Your kiddos are sure getting big and are darling as always.