Tuesday, February 22, 2011

this moving business.....

This morning after dropping Max off at school in Redlands I took the younger 2 kiddos to Beaumont with me to register Max  for school out there. Hopefully this will be the very last time in a very long time that he has to switch schools. Max will have been in 3 different kindergarten classes by the end of the year. He is doing so well and I hope he continues to do well through this final transition after the move. Our new house is right next door to twin five year old boys who will be in Max's grade in his same school. I am hoping this helps with the change. I know it is hard to make friends and then leave them. When you are five you just have to go along wherever your parents take you!
Mia and Zack were very well behaved while I filled out all of the paperwork. I rewarded them with burger king kid's crowns and french fries. They both fell asleep in the car during the drive home with their crowns on.
While they are napping I am going to melt chocolate and butter for brownies and then maybe plan a healthy dinner around that.

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