Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check Please!!??

I have never used a credit card. 
I kind of thought they were taboo. Ty and I never used them to pay for anything and I was always very happy with my checkbook and little debit card.
Ty came home from work today and handed me a little blue credit card. I looked at it.

Me: What do you want me to do with it?

Ty: Use it.

Me: For what?

Ty: Everything.

Me: What if it's a very small purchase?

Ty: Use it.

Me: I don't want to.

Ty: Just bring me your receipts.

What does all this mean? How am I supposed to get up in the morning and start using a credit card? What if I lose my receipts? What will happen when Ty discovers what I am really spending money on?
On the other hand.....maybe I will love it. It is one of those rewards cards that gives you cash back. What do you think? Should I give it a go or stick to my checking account?


Jessica Newman said...

well I personally believe cash rewards and other incentives like that are just a ploy to trap you in a web of spending and debt -I'm big on my checkbook too :) However since you are smart and probably dont plan on going out and getting yourself into a mound of debt I think you should go ahead and use it -If it's hard to keep track of receipts just right down the cost every time you use it -like a check register :)

The Traylor's said...

We've always used credit cards to pay for things like vacations or big purchases. And then just paid them off right away. For us, it's been a great way to build credit. I'm with you, I seriously cringe at the thought of using one! Although it did come in handy last year when Jeremy lost his PAID internship and I needed a root canal! I cried though... literally, when I had to pay for something that I knew I couldn't just go home and pay off.

6L's said...

it's good and bad. it's nice getting free money for putting your regular expenses on there but i have found that we always spend more bc we don't keep track of it as well. we do better on our budget when we don't use credit cards. we have used them for large purchases on a zero percent card to save interest, like on cars, but only if we could pay them off during the 0% offer.

Robert and Lisa said...

You had the right idea in the first place. Stick with Dave Ramsey----no credit cards! It's better to save up and pay cash for the things you want.

Asher and Amy said...

We use a visa through South West Airlines. We earn flights! I give all recipts to hubby and only pay for things we would normally use and get. No big purchases with out talking with each other. Pay off every month. We have had huge medical debt but it was that or 6 feet under! We learned how to pay off large sums, took 7 years but we did it. We still had to live and visit family and buy a house etc. It is just money but be wise. Debt is a bondage maker. I would be cautious. I like the flight rewards but other stuff I don't see the point. I would take Lisa advice and save and pay with cash where possible. So excited about your house! :)