Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Popcorn Popping!

Ty is working late tonight so I got the kids all cleaned up in a nice warm bath. They splashed and made a huge mess of the bathroom floor, but it kept them busy for almost 30 minutes so I was happy!
After the bath it was time for pajamas and then movies! We got everyone cozied up with pillows and blankies and popped some popcorn.
 I tried very hard to get a cute picture of all three of them, but oh well. I think they are cute :)
A movie and a big bowl of popcorn and then hopefully bedtime!
Here's hoping ;)

2 comments: said...

I think those pics are ADORABLE! You are such a great Mommy. :-)

Rob McKenzie said...

Zack is still such a little chunk!