Monday, February 28, 2011

Books, Boys, and Bakes

 Max is back at school and Ty is back at work. The weekend was grand but we are excited that a new week is here! (mostly because it means we are one step closer to moving into our house! I am hoping for this weekend but Ty thinks it will be next week. A little FYI : short sales are crazy!)
Mia has a very favorite book called "Once Upon A Time". It is a choose your own adventure type story involving a princess and 3 wishes. She could read it all day long. I love to see how her story turns out!
 It has been chilly here in SoCal. Coats have been required.
 My little Zac and his trains/cars. Either will do.
 His little chocolate face! No he wasn't eating massive amounts of candy. He had just finished a container of that chocolate yoplait yogurt. Totally acceptable :)

 In other news we are making these:
 The go to chocolate chip cookie recipe for "She's Becoming Doughmesstic".
It includes large amounts of chocolate, browned butter, and sea salt. Serious stuff here!

Happy Monday!

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