Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kingsbury Art Fair

 Max's school hosted an art fair last night.
It was in the multipurpose room and the artwork was hung all over the walls. Each class had submitted a different display. Max's kindergarten class chose to share their snowmen. Max pointed out his snowman.
 I think it means a lot to kids when they see something they have done hanging up for all to see.
 On top of all of the great displays there were all sorts of crafts for the kids. Mia made herself a little pet rock complete with googly eyes.
 Max chose to have his face painted. Mia ran out of the line screaming and insisted she would not have her face painted. Oh well.
He picked this out all on his own!
He specifically asked for a curly mustache :)

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Bingham Family said...

That's a good look on Max! :)